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Vintage Frame Up-Cycled

I found this frame at Restore and wanted it for the frame not the picture. Now initially when I purchased it, I had a different idea. The frame was so big I was going to use it for a wall gallery. I was thinking frames within frames. However, one day a vision popped in my head and I told my husband "trust me on this" as I began making cuts on the miter saw.

I removed the glass from the frame, cleaned it up, then primer and painted the frame. While the primer and paint was drying and in between coats l was measuring and making cuts on the saw. 

I had a plan and was excited to build something on my own without asking my husband for help. Any ideas yet on what I was doing? I was making a large shadow box.

The frame I was going to put hardware on so that I swing it open. Now I wasn't done mentally yet. I need shelves on the inside. Remember, I knew what I was doing with this and where I was going to hang the piece once finished. From painting to assembly I spent about 2 days on the piece. During the whole time not telling my husband a thing. Which if you know me, you know I love to share and try and hype up anyone else on my projects. 

This was actually one of the easier projects since there was no stripping or sanding involved. I did have to measure for pre-drilling holes for assembly, and things like that, which really aren't my favorite thing to do. That's usually where I grab Erik (hubby) and tell him what I want and allow him to assemble. Here is the finished project. 

I have to say I love the finish look, loved the vision I had, and love even more the fact that I did everything myself. I remember Erik was taking a shower and I was scrambling to have it hung before he finished. Totally functional, swings open, shelves are adjustable, and yet I use it really for décor. We just have too many nice glass pieces that sit in cabinets and what better way to showcase them than on a nice piece of furniture or in this case, a one of a kind shadow box.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this piece. Thanks for viewing.

Much love Cassie

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