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The PICKED Unlimited

The Perfect Inspirational Custom Keepsake Everyone Deserves

Took time and much prayer before it would finally be heard.

A name I desired to represent all that I would sell

I quickly realized more, how I was coming into His will.

It bestowed in me to be artistic, a trait gifted from my Heavenly Father

An opportunity to be creative, and hope it makes an impression on others.

Some keepsakes unique, some keepsakes to resemble things already seen

This was my name given to me, my opportunity to fulfill His dream.

Perhaps you purchase the PICKED gift here today

More importantly I want to ask, "Have you found your way?"

It truly is a joy to be called according to His plans

To be chosen by Him and not by what man demands.

Take a stand be different, and realize you too have been 'PICKED'

That the ultimate gift is found in Him, and what He offers is UNLIMITED.

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