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The PICKED Office

It was certainly no secret that I blabbed about my hubby building me an office just outside our house. I am blessed to have a man that is capable of doing such work. I'm going to share a few of the building pictures I took along the way, but I am anxious to get right to the end result. Aren't you?!

Yes that is a 1960 Chevy that my husband is redoing as well.

Originally, he began building this as a storage shed for my business. Which everyone knows, I need a larger area to keep up with my inventory.

Then one day I made the comment

"How about we make this my office?"

The End. He was all over it.

He designed this so that the aerial view, it would be built like a cross. Wondering how it looks like a cross? There will be a car port in front and that will complete the cross.

Instillation. I do not help with that stuff...too itchy haha. My oldest pretending to help install hahah.

Honestly, I don't help at all until I can do décor which includes staining floors and painting walls.

Now you DO NOT need to poly the floor with a small brush like I do. I just enjoy getting down and doing it the hard way apparently. Always have, and always will, maybe. lol. I put 3 coats, sanding in-between.

He put up one wall and I was all over it. Had to see the color. So exciting.

I think I've shared enough of the progress pictures...let's get to those final results everyone is honestly more interested in hahah.


Are you ready to come in? Please note the stairs will be painted this fall, and the doors still need to be painted. I have window flower boxes to hang under the windows. Also still working on decorating the stairs with plants, disregard lol.

My favorite part of my office! This is the guest area. So head on over, fridge with snacks, coffee and wine, TV...come on. Too cute this little area. It was very important to me to have a spot for my man to come over and feel right at home with some of his favorite things. 

The wine was for my MIL. Of course for any guest, 21 years or older, but I really thought of her on this.

My office, so this bear wearing a shirt with my name is appropriate. This shirt I wore when I was 2 years old. I will have to look for the picture and come back and update with me wearing this very shirt. Thank you to my parents for keeping this shirt all these years and allowing me to have it. Love this accent piece.

This piece above the coffee station was a headboard from the 70's that I purchased for $1 because I knew what I was going to do with it. 

My coffee station I bought years ago off of Craigslist. I stripped the piece from it's green paint and did a total makeover on it. New paint, stain, and some custom words to give it that coffee station vibe.

The original look of this in green and the process of taking it apart and stripping and sanding can be found here.

Yes those curtains were made by yours truly!

Originally, like I said, Erik was building this as a shed for more storage. Then I mentioned it being my office instead. That's when Erik came up with the word 'shoffice' for the name of my office and he used it so much I had to make a sign for my office to showcase that.

This desk I purchased from a consignment shop. It was a hot mess. I took it completely apart, sanded it, and had to wood fill parts due to the years of kids engraving their names into the wood.

The original look of this and the process of taking it apart can be found here.  (Link currently isn't available will remove this saying once activated.)

The desk came from my late grandma. Love it. The chair is new. The wall décor was made by me. God gave me the tile design as I wanted to incorporate the word 'PICKED', my business name, in a nice saying. The PICKED is about finding your purpose in life. So the following picture shares each word listed and how it should read.

This table I custom made for my UV printer. I used leftover flooring from doing the floors of my office to create a table to hold the printer.

The process of selecting pieces and staining them prior to assembly can all be found here.  (Link currently isn't available will remove this saying once activated.)

This desk I found on marketplace. I had been looking for a new sewing table and knew this was the one when I saw it.

Of course this piece didn't come like this, oh no, I had to redo this like I do everything I get. I removed the veneer and painted this piece and that lesson can be found here.  (Link currently isn't available will remove this saying once activated.)

That about wraps up my office tour. Thank you for looking and hope you'll subscribe to my blog to see all the changes we have done to our home.

Thank you again to Erik, my husband who God has blessed with the skills, and knowledge and desire to even build what he does for our family. He is the biggest blessing I could ever ask for and thank God daily for such an incredible man.

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