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Not Me

Oh my gosh, I'm not that good

I would have to sit and pray before my words could be heard

As you see, God is my writer

I just sit and listen with my typewriter

I love to write and wish I could articulate

Every thing on my mind into poems, oh that would be great

Thoughts into words, words that would rhythm

Paper in hand, pen just going as if no time

Flowing endlessly for others to hear

Gods words finally being heard in a way many could bear

This is my dream, this is me

I believe God allows this to be

Even right now, as you read this poem

These are not my words but of His and He brings them home

Home where they are kept safe and used in His way

That when the time is right one could then relay

A message of dreaming, a message of hope

That when you seek Him, the words just float

To the tip of my tongue, I speak for Him

I accept the words as though it's a hymn

If only you would choose to listen.

You don't have to be a Christian

He says "My words are meant to bring light

even in the middle of the night.

Comfort those hurting, hold those dying.

I will give eternal life even to those in hiding

Come out I say

This is your day"

Not every day will a poem move you like so

Don't miss this opportunity to let God and let go

If you are a Christian this is all making sense

To the unbeliever I probably sound relentless

I'm sorry that is not the point here

Just bringing a message of hope, please do not fear

Again these are not my words but the words of the Father

I just gather all His thoughts as I sit with my typewriter

I have said enough, I will bring this to an end

And allow God to be God as He reaches out his hand


I would love your feedback so please don't leave without leaving me something to think about. Leave a comment.

Also, please share! It's important to get His words out there.

Much love - Cassie

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