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Coffee Station

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

I purchased this off of Craigslist back in 2014. As you can see it was a hot mess. However, I knew what I wanted to do with it.

I had been looking for a small piece to use as a coffee station in our house. This was the perfect size.

I got started on it the second I got it home. Here are the before pictures real quick.

This thing was once pink. I've stripped stuff before and found 3-4 layers of colors. It's crazy but fun working with vintage pieces.

Once I sanded it I came across this icon. I googled it and found out the history of it. You can too here

I don't recall at this point why we had to make new front doors, but we did. Here is the piece prior to adding the backing and hardware back on.

keurig coffee station

At the time I was doing pops of red in our kitchen. That's why this piece looks like it does. At the time it was perfect. It was a great piece to practice many things on. I got to sand, strip, use stencils (for the words) and play around with distressing. I was new to painting at that point and was still learning some things. For what it was, it wasn't a bad piece. It was cute. Now, does it look better these days, a million times better lol. You can see it now here. We used it maybe a year before storing it. I couldn't part with it although we weren't in need of it anymore. Don't joke my horrible picture taking abilities either. I was new to staging and it's kind of humorous to see some of the things I did years ago compared to today. Hey, I guess that's a good thing. You only want to improve on what you do.

Well that wraps up this makeover. I went ahead and included the ways it has been since snatching this piece up. The original which was green, to grey with red, to now black and white.

It's no longer used in our home and is now used in my office. To view my office click here.

I would love to hear your comments on any of this. Can you tell my picture taking has improved? How about the way I do work? Has that gotten better? Do share.

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