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AGT 2020

In a year where so many things went crazy.

Where we all found ourselves in lockdown.

Arose a man that not even AGT expected.

Judges, confused, as to how this was talent

They each began to listen, intently, to every word.

He was smart, locking you in with love, as we have all experienced it.

Even more smart to include death, as we will all have to embrace it.

A poem of a child, innocent, taken too soon

Leaves this man writing of times that could have been.

As I watch from home on my living room couch

I was brought to tears but not in the way you would think.

As I tried to listen to what was being said, I was distracted.

Distracted, that while I look at this man speak, all I saw was me.

I had dreams of being heard.

Dreams turned reality, that that was me on that stage.

His jacket read "Created to Create"

God told me years earlier in a poem I was 'created to create'

God gives me poetry like this man on stage.

Tears that this man is setting the way for me

But was he really?

Was I going to take the biggest stage in the world one day?

I did see it.

He was done speaking and while I missed most of it,

I caught something else, the attention of my husband.

I wanted to tell my husband, but would he believe me?

How does someone take you telling them that it should have been you on that stage?

The very words on the jacket he wore were yours?

To explain how God revealed some time earlier what I was now seeing?

Telling him this was hard, but I did.

I didn't want him to think I was crazy,

That suddenly his wife would go audition for AGT having never spoken of it before.

Not even words right now can explain everything I had felt or heard.

Prior to this day it was only a thought.

Maybe God was preparing me for this?

To share with the world my connection to this poetry reader and writer.

Though we have never met, God did place this very thing in my dreams.

This was His way of showing me that things will happen for me,

I too will be heard but on His timing.

I'm not saying God told me to take the stage, although He had put it in my head.

I wanted to be heard and believed I would one day.

To have some one take their own meaning from one of my poems

Poems that are really not mine but His

And God was finally being heard.

My husband remembered my poem that used the very words from his jacket.

He didn't think I was crazy as we believe God speaks to his people.

The bible reads “I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams"

When I finished explaining to my husband the similarities and why the tears

I told him "You are looking at the next AGT winner. He's going to win."

Perhaps my dream wasn't of me but of another, also created to create?

That my time, wasn't my time after all.

But the timing of Brandon Leake.


Congratulations to Brandon.

You don't have to be a believer to understand what was written. Just know that by sharing this post you will touch the life of another who has also either dreamed dreams, or has dreams for themselves. Remember all things has its timing.

Much love,


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