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Abigail & Gracee's Room

Their room technically isn't a room. Well it was when it had a closet. We removed the closest when we gutted their room. We replaced it with an armoire for extra space.

This was how we use to get into this room. Our home was built in 1940 and someone in the 70's added the upstairs. Now when they did that, they didn't place the stairs in the correct spot. So when you got upstairs you had to duck to get in their room. In another post I'll share the removal of the stairs and moving them completely.

You can see how low everything is in there. As long as you were 5'10" or shorter you could stand once inside.

That yellow piece had a makeover and is in my office nowadays. See it here if you'd like. See their tiny closet? Dumb lol.

Another great picture to show how low the ceilings are. To the right and here in the picture below.

Here's a great before picture of the small space and low ceilings.

Emptied and ready for demo.

That was their little closest. We chose to remove it because it was so low and hard to get into.

Demo Day! Well in our case, it was night. A Saturday night when the kids were with his parents for the night.

That's the staircase right next to their room. We had to remove the staircase in order to do what we were doing to their room.

This is Erik inside the stairs. The stair case was also built very low and you could touch the ceiling going up and down. Ridiculous.

Yes we live in our home while doing all these renovations. I'm trying to show how things were. So if you went up the stairs and turned right, that's where the door was for the girls room and you had that long walk until you ducked to get inside their room. Where the stairs are in this picture would now be the new hall to their bedroom. To see the stair renovation click here. (Link currently unavailable. Will remove this saying once activated.)

See this board going across? Yeah, that's where the ceiling ended. See the extra space we're giving the girls by redoing their ceiling?

Working in their soon to be little house.

The furniture was a total makeover as well. It was mine stuff when I was 2 years old. My parents let me have it for my little ones.

Erik made this custom light. The fan he also made from a car radiator.

The house was my idea because once we began gutting the room I wanted to optimize as much space as possible. Where their house is, would have been empty space, so that's why I wanted to make them a play house inside the room. Their beds were tucked into the voided space to gain more walking and play space in their actual bedroom. Another idea of mine that the hubby brought to life.

We custom made their beds from table legs we had. Erik routed out their headboards and built a frame.

Every outlet and light switch had these coverings. Yes, painted by yours truly.

We had our family over and had a 'reveal day'. Here's us bringing in the girls to see for the first time.

Abs (the younger one) was in total shock. She didn't know what to look at first and was shy with the camera being on her.

Thank you for viewing another room in our home. Please comment and share as both will make my day.

Much love Cassie

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