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Why TPUHome

Cassie Borchardt
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Welcome to my home away from home.

I keep it clean here and hope you do the same.

This blog came out of my experiences in life. I chose to start this blog to help others with potentially the same predicaments in their own life and home. I love to tell stories and share things that I learn, so what better way to do so than a blog. I am a Christian woman and believe all my talents are God given and everything I do, that many might take courses on, come naturally to me thanks to God. TPUHome comes from my store, The PICKED Unlimited, that was God given to me back in 2015. I wrote a poem that can be read here about that process.


For starters I will be blogging primarily about my home renovations, furniture make overs, and some DIY ideas and projects. As I feel led by God I will share some personal life experiences that have made me into the woman I am today. The primary purpose for this blog is finding your purpose in life. If you haven't read the poem on what The PICKED stands for regarding my store, for my blog it has a whole new meaning. The PICKED stands for Purpose In Christ Knowing Everyone's Deserving. Yes, that's right. It doesn't matter what you've done in life, until you die, you still stand a chance to find God and to seek out His purpose in your life. I have a poem on that as well and that can be read here.


Speaking of poems, I love writing and every poem I write are given to me from God. I love when God speaks to me through poetry. I like to describe my poems as simple yet meaningful.


I would like to think that becoming a member of TPUHome you will come to find your own purpose in life. Perhaps you already know your purpose, then it is my goal to educate you in areas that you may already have an interest in and maybe you will grow in your own desires based off of my own trial and errors. I encourage you to follow along, ask questions, and leave comments. In doing so, you encourage me to be better and to seek God in replying to you and/or what I should post next.


I am driven by God and seek him in everything I do. A scripture that comes to mind "Seek Him and He will give you the desires of your heart" Psalm 37:4. That rings so true to me when I think about how I may be able to influence others to find the same in their life.


Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little about me and hope you stick around. Subscribe now and let's see how we can grow together.


Much love Cassie

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